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With the ongoing concern about the effects of Covid-19, disinfection has never been more important.  We’re always staying up to date on the safest and most effective ways to keep your facility safe for employees and visitors.

Electrostatic sprayers use a liquid solution and disperses it as an aerosol mist composed of positively charged disinfectant droplets. These droplets electromagnetically attach to surfaces and envelop target objects, meaning all sides can receive the disinfectant, not just the side facing the sprayer. Because the particles are positively charged, they repel against surfaces that have been previously sprayed, resulting in even coverage of the disinfectant.

The process is safe because wear masks and use a food grade disinfectant that requires no wipe down after applied.  Our process is effective because we use disinfectant that kills Coronavirus in 1 minute.  Our process is efficient because you get your facility/area back only 30 minutes after we finish treating it.

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